Nov 2023 Blog: Unveiling the Theme for the 2025 Page's Pages Around the World Calendar: Embark on a Journey of RESILIENCE!

YOU spoke, and I listened! The chosen theme for the 2025 Page's Pages Around the World calendar is RESILIENCE.

Your voice truly matters, and as a token of our gratitude, I sent the respondents a special discount offer on the website until December 31. I received multiple votes for various words such as freedom, gratitude, healing, and hope, but RESILIENCE emerged as the clear winner. I'm already on the lookout for impactful quotes to include in the calendar.

Now here's an exciting opportunity for you: if you have a quote about resilience that I haven't come across, send it my way! If I use it in the calendar, I'll send you a package of multilanguage cards as my way of saying thank you.

But that's not all! To inspire you to grab your very own 2024 calendar, "Messages of Courage from Around the World," I’m offering an enticing 15% discount until November 15.

You may already know that since the mid-2000s, my art and annual calendars have been supporting the global mission of the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) to advance quality in healthcare education worldwide and improve healthcare for all. Take a peek at the captivating images from the 2024 calendar

I cannot stress enough how much I value the friendships I've forged with our incredible FAIMER alumni, numbering over 2000 from our programs since 2001. They inspire me with their dedication to patient care and teaching, and together, we form a tight-knit global community.

Your feedback on my blogs, posts and reels means the world to me. I genuinely enjoy staying connected with art enthusiasts and colleagues all around the globe. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for occasional updates!

And don't forget to visit the website to explore more inspiring art from various corners of the world. As a member of the VIP group, you'll receive an exclusive 20% off your first order and early access to limited editions and special sales.

Let's strive for a world where we understand and appreciate each other more. Join us on this journey of embracing resilience and celebrating the human spirit.

Warm regards,