May 2022 Blog: Give Greetings in Multilanguage Cards!

For over 20 years I have consulted for the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).The International FAIMER Institute (IFI) program I co-founded provides educational and leadership skills for mid-career health professions faculty around the world, so that curricula and teaching, learning, and assessment methods align with the health needs of their communities -- the ultimate goal – improve the health of communities.

IFI, now in its 22nd year, was so successful that alumni wished to start FAIMER Regional Institutes in their countries. In partnership with FAIMER, eleven FRIs have been started, and the FAIMER Community comprises over 1600 Fellows around the world – mostly in the Southern hemisphere.

To celebrate occasions, I started creating multilanguage cards using my photographs. In the early versions, I used primarily the European languages that are commonly seen in greeting cards.

Delving into languages, however, I quickly realized that these were NOT the most commonly used languages in the world. The top ten, for example, are Mandarin > Hindi > Spanish > Arabic > English > French > Bengali > Russian > German > Portuguese > Indonesian!

So…I have been making a study of languages for common greeting card phrases – with the help of my FAIMER Fellows and friends! I believe the world is ready to see the most common 20 or so languages in the world – some with beautiful script unique to that language.

Here are a few recent cards I have added to the website.

Visit my website to see more inspirational art and multilanguage greeting cards from around the world! Look for some Happy Birthday ones soon!

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May the world become closer as we understand and appreciate each other more.