March 2023 Blog: Announcing 2 GIFTS for my VIPs!

I thank my VIPs who read my blogs and emails

and give me comments!

I really appreciate your responses to my blogs and emails, and I wanted to say thank you in a tangible way.

First, I am announcing my Africa portraits series – YOU are the first to see them!

I will add them to my website this month. I am looking forward to creating more featuring all the wonderful animals and birds that I saw in Africa. I believe they will also make great tote bags and coasters!

This is one of the first Zebras I saw at Kruger National Park on my birthday – what a wonderful birthday present! I learned that it is not easy to capture animals while they are looking directly at you – often you just see them from the back!

And here is a Greater Kudu Antelope. Note the curved horns, white stripes, and the bird eating insects on the kudu. They have a symbiotic relationship!

Second, YOU are the group who knows my work best and the purpose to support the global work of FAIMER. I believe that YOU are the ones who will best know others who may be interested in this art – so I am giving you a gift for recommending my website to others. Here’s what to do to get the gift:

  1. Forward this email to a friend you believe would like to join my email list and recommend they check it out - they will also get a 20% off coupon code on their next order when they sign up!
  2. Send me an email with the name and email address of the person.
  3. When they sign up for my VIP email list, I will be notified, and I will then send YOU a discount code for 20% off anything on the website!

Please add your comments on the blog to my Facebook or Instagram pages. I am enjoying writing them and look forward to what you would like to hear more about!

May the world become closer as we understand and appreciate each other more.