January Blog: 2022 Light from Around the World project

I wrote about how the “52 Weeks of Joy from Around the World” project for 2021 came about in Blog #1. I found that having a project kept me grounded in a focus for my creativity during that year of intermittent solitude.

In 2022, I am continuing this with a focus on LIGHT, in all its manifestations – source of light, light to bring color, light that brings warmth, and light to bring clarity and insight. I plan to produce 24 images, posting around the 1st and 15th of each month. Some will become my calendar for 2023!

Because of continuing Covid-19 travel restrictions, I am reviewing my Lightroom catalogue for the past 20 years for images from international trips that have to do with light. If I get to travel, I may add some new geographic sites!

The first image was posted the first week of January on Facebook [link] and Instagram [link]. Also available for your pleasure on my website, with both the quote in a new Light Around the World Gallery, and without the quote in the Global Gallery.

I have completed the initial version of the second one now, using a quote my friend Rev. John Meulendyk sent me about light coming through the cracks, from Leonard Cohen’s Anthem. Enjoy listening to the music.

Light #2 is a detail from a photograph of an intriguing sculpture in downtown Wuhan, China. It had cracks designed into the steel surface, as if the sculpture had been broken. I thought this was a perfect pairing with the quote about light and cracks being conjoined to allow light (wisdom, warmth) enter. The image is available at the Light Around the World Gallery.

John also noted similarity with the Japanese art form, kintsukuroi ("golden repair"). As he noted: “When cracks allow the light to shine through, the light does not do the repair.  The light guides us to fill in the cracks with the gift of love that we have.  The result is profound change.”

May this be one of the gifts of this year of Light Around the World – profound change for a better world.

CONTEST: Sign up for my newsletter and send me a quote about light. If I do not already have it, and I select it for one of the 24 images, I will send you a set of my Multilanguage cards! Do send me your quote and you might be a winner like my friend John Meulendyk!

FUTURE CONTEST: Heads up to look for a vote on which top 3 of the 24 images to include in the 2023 calendar. I plan to hold a contest later in the year after I have created at least 15 images!

Please add your comments on the blog to my Facebook or Instagram pages. I am enjoying writing them, and look forward to what you would like to hear more about!