What's the THEME for the 2023 Series?

What THEME would YOU pick for 2023 for “Messages of ????? from Around the World”?

I plan to create a series of 20 photographs in 2023 and select 12 for the 2024 calendar.

Recent themes:

2022: Messages of JOY from around the world

2023: Messages of LIGHT from around the world

2024: Messages of XXXX from around the world

Here are 15 ideas that I have for creating images and messages for 2023.

Let me know your top 1 to 3 by replying to the email or putting into comments in Instagram or Facebook, by December 15, 2022. 

I will make the decision then, and begin creating with that theme in mind for 2023!

What I will create for this series in 2023!

  • 20 images from around the world combined with inspirational messages that relate to the word
  • The same images without the words
  • 12 images with inspirational messages selected from the group to feature in the next calendar

Since the mid-2000s, I have produced an annual calendar to support the global mission of the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research to improve the health of communities through health professions education and health care.

Enjoy viewing the 2023 calendar images on the website and in the 2023 calendar. Here’s the multilanguage cover!

REMEMBER, each sale supports the global health purpose of FAIMER. I particularly value the friendships I have made with many of the 1600 alumni from our programs since 2001. I honor them for all the effort they have expended with patient care, pivoting to teach, and try to stay safe with their own health and that of their families during the Covid19 pandemic. This pandemic, and others appearing, are certainly telling us we are ONE global world.

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I appreciate all the feedback I have gotten from my blogs and posts – I am really enjoying this way of keeping in touch with art lovers and colleagues around the world.

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May the world become closer as we understand and appreciate each other more.