April 2023: Commissions!

I really enjoy creating unique pieces for clients!

Unlike my fine art prints, greeting cards, and gifts, I also design for an audience of one – YOU!

In the past year, these are the types of commissions I have completed:

  • Joy themed holiday gifts for a non-profit educational organization – desk calendars, tote bags and mugs. I adapted one of my multilanguage joy images for the organization’s purposes.

  • Greeting cards for a church - to send out to members to celebrate the Easter season.

  • Landscape with an inspirational quote – for a client to give as a gift

  • Greeting cards – adapted from images on my website. I can create most images for the 5x7 cards.

Here are the various kinds of commission I love to create!

  • Additional sizes and media beyond those listed on the website.
  • Sets of 5x7 greeting cards adapted from most of the images on the website
    • 10-card set with the same image – about $5 each
    • 25-card set with same image – about $4 each
  • Customized quotes (selected by you) on most images on the website.
  • 2024 desk calendar, featuring ‘Messages of Courage from Around the World’, customized for YOU with your name or logo on the front cover. Here is an example from the Courage series. More coming soon!

Here’s how the commission process works:

  • You complete my commission form and submit here:
  • I contact you and we chat about what you want.
  • You send me any images and information needed, e.g., logo, quotes.
  • I produce a screen shot of the item and send it to you.
  • You confirm, submit payment, and I continue and create a custom art piece just for YOU. This typically takes 14 business days.
  • The BIG reveal! The final piece is unveiled and shipped to your door!

I look forward to creating a piece of art unique for you!

….And do remember to add your comments on the blog to my email (psmorahan@gmail.com)Facebook or Instagram pages. I am enjoying writing them and look forward to what you would like to hear more about this art that I create to support FAIMER’s global mission!

May the world become closer as we understand and appreciate each other more.